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If you cannot find the answers you are looking for here we provide remote or in person consultations with Dr. Boone from the Southwest Parathyroid Center by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. Dr. Boone is a parathyroid expert and has performed over 5000 parathyroid operations and provided consultations to thousands more patients with related health issues, see her reviews.

Why are these consultations different?

Dr. Boone opened the Southwest Parathyroid Center in order to provide patients with a different experience, not constrained by the limitations of the typical medical practice. This is not the rushed and time constrained visit that is common in medicine today where doctors are too busy to truly listen to patients and comprehensively examine each case - this leads to confused patients and often errors in diagnosis and treatment. Instead Dr. Boone will sit down with you over a video chat, or in person, having reviewed any information you have provided beforehand (imaging, labs, history, etc). She will take time to explore your history, listen to your concerns, and answer ALL of your questions. To read how pleased patients are with this process see their reviews here.

Costs In Arizona

For patients within the state of Arizona: Insurance will cover an office visit or telehealth consultation. The amount you pay will depend on your individual plan. We are in Medicare and most of the large insurance plans. If we are not in-network or you do not have insurance, the consultation fee is $525.

Costs Outside Arizona

For patients who live outside Arizona, including outside of the USA: We provide second opinion consultations but are not able to bill insurance for this. The fee is $525, the same as for patients within state. If you would like to travel to Arizona for an office visit that insurance will cover, you can. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the second opinion consultation fee.

To schedule a consultation fill in your information here and our scheduler will contact you to collect your full information and coordinate a time. Please make sure to read the information above about costs and insurance coverage.