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Urine calcium vs. blood calcium

My blood test showed my calcium at 9.5 but a 24 hour urine test my calcium was 523. Why the diffe...


MRI for parathyroid disease

My blood report reads: Calcium 10.4, PTH 85.3, Vitamin D is 58.5, Albumin 5, Calcium Ionized 5.19...

Diagnosis Imaging Hypercalcemia primary hyperparathyroidism

Calcium is 10.4 in breast cancer survivor

I’m 67 and my Calcium is at 10.4. I’m breast cancer survivor 20 years. What should I do?

Diagnosis Hypercalcemia

Forearm bone loss

Hi, Dr Boone, Thanks so much for accepting questions! I found you through Lani Simpson's Master ...

Diagnosis Osteoporosis