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Vitamin D and persistent parathyroid disease

Should I be taking Vitamin D? I am a 53 year old man. I had parathyroid surgery in 2/2023. Pr...

Operation Diagnosis Vitamin D

PTH still high after parathyroid surgery

I am 6 weeks past parathyroid surgery. Prior blood tests showed 12.3 calcium, 425 PTH. One larg...

Operation Postop expectations

Vitamin D supplementation with elevated calcium

Hi, last week I learned my calcium level was 10.6 mg/dl, my pth level is 49 pg/ml, vitamin d leve...

Diagnosis primary hyperparathyroidism Vitamin D

Can Vitamin D lower calcium level?

My calcium is 10.5 mg/dl, my PTH is 53 pg/ml, my Vit D 25-hydroxy is 21 ng/ml. My doctor wants to...

Hypercalcemia primary hyperparathyroidism Diagnosis Vitamin D Vitamin D deficiency