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What type of doctor do I need to diagnose primary hyperparathyroidism?

Deva Boone
Answer authored by Deva Boone
Deva Boone, MD is the founder of the Southwest Parathyroid Center. As one of the most experienced parathyroid surgeons in the U.S., she has treated thousands of patients with parathyroid conditions.

Most people will be diagnosed by their primary care doctor or by an endocrinologist. You do not necessarily need to see a specialist to diagnose primary hyperparathyroidism, but if there is any question, your doctor will likely want you to see an endocrinologist or an endocrine surgeon.

Since primary care doctors are often the ones checking routine labs, they are usually the first to notice a high calcium level, which is the hallmark of primary hyperparathyroidism. To confirm the diagnosis, you will need to get your calcium and parathyroid hormone (PTH) checked together. These are labs that your regular doctor can order. If the labs are straightforward, then your doctor will diagnose you with parathyroid disease and refer you for treatment. Some primary care doctors will refer the workup of high calcium to an endocrinologist, who will then order the blood tests necessary to confirm the diagnosis.