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I've had high calcium levels for the last four years. Over the last six months I have started having more frequent headaches and body aches. Sometimes I feel really tired even when getting lots of sleep. I think these symptoms may be due to parathyroid disease, but on other days I feel just fine, so I think they may be caused by something else. Can symptoms of parathyroid disease come and go like this?

Deva Boone
Answer authored by Deva Boone
Deva Boone, MD is the founder of the Southwest Parathyroid Center. As one of the most experienced parathyroid surgeons in the U.S., she has treated thousands of patients with parathyroid conditions.

Yes, it is common for the symptoms of parathyroid disease to come and go. Patients will report that on some days they are too tired to get out of bed, but other days feel great. Often, the symptoms of primary hyperparathyroidism will gradually increase in frequency and severity. Many people start out not feeling all that bad, but then after a few years with the disease they notice that they are getting more and more symptoms. They will also have good days, and like you, will wonder if this means that something else must be the cause. Really, though, this is just one way that parathyroid disease presents.

For most people, the symptoms will improve or resolve after parathyroid surgery.

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